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Terms & Conditions

When purchasing on vampireium.com, you are aware that the products you choose to order are not stored at vampireium.com but with suppliers who ship the products from different countries directly to the customer and the average delivery times are 7-14 business days. There is no obligation in this section or at all of the site regarding the actual delivery times expected.

There is no refund for products purchased on the site and transactions can not be canceled except subject to the discretion of the site.

vampireium.com in exceptional cases and with a commission of 5% of the transaction amount.

When purchasing on the website, your order reaches our supplier and is responsible for the satisfaction of your order. If you encounter a problem that you are unable to solve, feel free to contact us using the contact form.

It is the customer's responsibility to verify the costs of taxation, customs, VAT and other costs which he must take into account when ordering a product from vampirium.com as the products are shipped directly from abroad. The price displayed on the website does not include these or other import costs and it is the customer's sole responsibility to improve the viability of the transaction.


Our suppliers offer a warranty of up to - 14 days on a product , they undertake to repair or send a new product in case of need if the product is damaged from reasonable use of the product for the purposes for which it is intended. Our suppliers may ask the buyer to send a photocopy of the defective product or send the defective product by mail for repair to the supplier's offices.

The photos, and videos are for product illustration only. The color, model, shape and characteristics of the product are determined by the product description and not by the marketing materials.

When purchasing on the site the customer understands and confirms that the company vampireium or the sites operated by are not a party to any legal, legal or other dispute between the customer and a third party supplier who actually provided the product.


vampireium, the company and all the assets operated by it by digital means constitute a platform for transferring payment and connection between the customer and the supplier from whom the product was purchased. In any legal matter, you can contact the site management for the supplier details from which the product was purchased by the customer.

For every cancellation of a transaction made by the customer, a fee of 9.93, charged by the credit company, will be charged, in accordance with the Cancellation Fees Law - “In the event the transaction was made by credit card, and the dealer proved to the consumer that the credit card company The credit card for the canceled transaction, the dealer can also charge the consumer a fee collected from him.


 Delivery times range from about 22 to 7 business days for your order to arrive from the moment it leaves

(Up to 4 business days) , all shipments are insured and receive a tracking number.

If the indicated time has passed, and you are afraid that there is a slight delay in your order, please contact us on the contact page for in-depth inquiries about the package.

Some shipments may be delayed due to the Corona virus. We work very hard to make sure all orders arrive as quickly as possible.


 Privacy :

For the sake of convenience, the regulations use masculine language, but everything that is said in it applies to women and men alike.

 vampireium.com respects your privacy and invests heavily in protecting the personal and financial information of every surfer on the site. It is clear to us that at this time, surfers have weighty questions regarding the information they leave on the sites - through its collection, use and preservation. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining your privacy in all activities related to our sites. vampireium.com collects information:

Through questioning - we ask you to provide the information. For example - when you request a service offer, purchase a product, apply for a job, answer a survey or participate in promotions. The most important parts of the information are your name, your postal and e-mail addresses and your phone number. Beyond that, we may ask for more information, based on the action you take on the site. In addition, "cookies" and similar technologies may be used to collect information about your visits to the site or to respond to emails coming from us - personal information or information collected without identification. To your interests and what you are looking for. The use of these means is done mainly to determine what products, services and promotions you are interested in. However, you can block the use of technology through the web browser you use or using appropriate software. You should know that using these means can sometimes Disrupt the ability to use all site services.


Cancellation of the transaction:

After you have purchased a product, the transaction can be canceled within 2 days from the day you received it, when the products must be packed in them. After confirming the products, your account will be credited with the price you paid for the products, but does not include the payment of the shipping fee when returning the product, the product will be inspected by a company.

 vampireium Ltd. and it is found that it has not been returned in its new condition with its new and original packaging, the credit received will be proportional to the value of the product actually returned, less shipping, packaging or any other recognized expense. If the product you received was defective at the time of receipt, you will not be charged any shipping / packaging / handling fees. You may not return products that have been made to special order. If the product is defective, send the vampireium Ltd. the product (s) you ordered and the invoice, in addition to the letter (there may be a message / phone call) describing the problem. After your request is received, we will send you the product according to your original order, provided it is in stock of the company.



 vampireium Ltd. and / or anyone acting on its behalf do not manufacture the products, and are not responsible for the quality of the products, their features, and / or any presentation made on the site regarding the said details. Sometimes there may be slight color differences between the product photographs published on the site and the specific colors of the products as actually provided. The products on the website are displayed in good faith, and there is no recommendation and / or expression of opinion from vampireium Ltd. regarding the nature of the products, their features, etc. If you have purchased defective products, you have the right to replace or return them and get your money back, as we have detailed in these Terms of Use. The sole responsibility for the products, their supply, quality, quality, durability and content, applies to the manufacturers, and in accordance with the conditions that appear on the warranty certificate attached to them. The manufacturers, importers or distributors of the products have assumed all the obligations imposed on a "dealer" under the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and regulations issued under it. The perpetrators of actions on the site declare that the content of this section has been brought to their attention and that no claim will be made against the owners of the site and / or anyone on their behalf in this regard. Under no circumstances will vampireium Ltd. and / or anyone on its behalf be liable for any direct, indirect damages, punitive damages, accidental, special or consequential damages and / or any other damages of any kind.


Product Replacement Policy:


- Product replacement will be done when it is wrapped in nylon that was wrapped in the first place and when it is not used at all.

- For the purpose of replacing the product, contact the company.

- Shipping fees will be charged for exchange operation.

Product Return Policy:

- The policy of returning products / services on the site is subject to the consumer protection policy.

- Purchase of a product / service on the website is subject to the terms and conditions published on this website in general and on the page on which the purchase / service is made in particular.

- If for any reason the customer did not receive the product / service he purchased on the site in accordance with the terms and rules appearing on the site, the customer will be credited with a full credit for this purchase.

- The customer will be entitled to cancel a transaction within 7 days from the date of payment on the site and his money will be returned to him in full.

- The customer will be allowed to return any product / service he purchased on the site within 30 days of receipt. For this return, the customer's money is in full, subject to the product being returned in its original packaging, in good condition and not being used at all.

- The company will be entitled to offset up to 5% (five percent) of the original transaction amount, unless the reason for cancellation is due to some malfunction / defect in the product.

- The company is not obligated to credit the customer for expenses for returning the shipment to the company: the company will not charge the customer for expenses for re-delivery to the customer.


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